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Baker Engineering has helped over 600 Buildings Benchmark their energy performance and earn their Energy Star Label, comply with local Ordinances, and earn LEED Certifications


Many cities around the country have a goal to reduce commercial energy consumption.  This ranges from 20% by 2020 in Atlanta to 80% by 2050 in Boston and New York City, and everywhere in between.  The Mayors, Governors, Legislatures, and City Councils in these cities and states recognize the impact that climate change can have on their constituents and the planet.  40% of emissions comes from our buildings.  These laws and ordinances aim to reduce emissions while saving building owners money in operating costs.  Saving energy also reduces the need to build additional power plants, lowering utility bills even further.  Other benefits include reduced affects on respiratory issues from pollution from power plants and a reduction in sea level rise in coastal cities where most of the world's population live.

See the Baker Engineering team can help you comply with an Energy Ordinance and save an average of $400,000 in energy costs

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