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Baker Engineering has helped 44M square feet of building space average:

        12% Annual Energy Savings

$320,000 Annual Energy Cost Savings

          8.2 Energy Star Point Increase


Commerical ASHRAE Energy Audits

Walk the Building and Interview Staff

Interview staff to confirm energy using systems installed and how the building is currently operated.  Walk the building to review these systems.

Commerical ASHRAE Energy Audits

Review Utility Bills and Drawings

Utility bills and drawings are used to understand the energy end-uses and pattern of energy consumption.  There may be an opportunity to take advantage of the utility rate structure.

Commerical ASHRAE Energy Audits

Identify Energy Conservation Measures

Potential ECMs are identified from the Walk-through, Staff Interview, Utility Bills, and Drawings.  Calculations are performed to estimate the potential savings of each measure.

Commerical ASHRAE Energy Audits

Follow Up and Track Implementation

Energy Efficiency is an ongoing project.  The report itself does not save energy.  Tracking the implementation of projects is what will save operating expenses and emissions.

Commerical ASHRAE Energy Audits

Create and Review Report

An Energy Audit Report is created as a document to use for identifying current performance and future projects.  This report includes a table of ECMs and is used to place these in recommended order of implementation.

Commerical ASHRAE Energy Audits

Celebrate Energy and Cost Savings

Also track the energy and cost savings against goals created at the beginning of the project.  CELEBRATE Energy Star score targets, % reductions, and $ cost savings.   

Baker Engineering has helped buildings save an average of $320,000 in energy cost following ASHRAE Energy Audits

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